Celebrate the UP! 

 Friday / Saturday/ Sunday, August 17-19, to be held at Sault St. Marie.

map here

Schedule and Speakers details here

Celebrate the UP poster Aug2018 in SSM

Friday August 17th we are having a fund raiser at the 1668 Winery in Sault Sainte Marie, starting at 6 p.m. map here
Saturday August 18th we will kick off the event with a sunrise ceremony at Rotary Island.  We then will have an opening session starting at 9 a.m., programs running at 3 different locations (The Tribal Library / Museum, the Soo Theater, and the Bayliss Public Library) throughout the day, and a closing session at 3 p.m.  There will also be a 1.5 hour break around noon, where you will be on your own for lunch.
Summary of talks:
  • Opening session: A detailed discussion about UPEC and the Three Lakes Group of the Sierra Club.  The history of each group, our missions, and what we see for the future. 
  • Aquatic Invasives: Cattails and Crayfish
  • St. Marys Watershed Ponds
  • SSM water history
  • Area River/Canoe History
  • Great Lakes Coastal Restoration 
  • Terrestrial Invasives
  • Mega-fauna History, Status and Future
  • Loss of tree species
  • Local Authors and Artists
  • Batchewana Forestry Plan
  • Tribal Fisheries
  • Walleye Ponds
  • Sacred Sites
  • Natural Foods
  • Closing Session:  A panel discussion regarding the Tribal Water Accord.

Sunday August 19th we have several outdoor activities planned for that morning:

  • A slow ride bicycling event
  • A kayak trip to Voyager Island
  • Historical walking tour of the city of Sault Sainte Marie
  • Informative nature hike

UPEC thanks our members for providing these pictures from across the UP!
U.P. Winter